Our suppliers

  • Ducks and pigeons from la ferme du Puntoun at Saint Martin (32300)
  • Ducks from la Famille PERES at Saint-Michel (32300)
  • Eggs from Villeneuve & Fils at Saint-Arroman (32300)
  • Gascony chicken from Xavier Abadie at Miélan (32170)
  • Veal from Jacques Bernes at Saint Michel (32300)
  • Raw milk from GAEC IRINA at Haget (32730)
  • Goat and ewes cheese from Milhommes farm at Pouylebon (32320)
  • Honey from Domaine apicole de Pillardon at Bassoues d'Armagnac (32320)
  • Floc and Armagnac from Domaine de Bilé at Bassoues d'Armagnac (32320)
  • Fruits and vegetables from Henri Primeurs at Mirande (32300)
  • The tide from Mericq at Estillac (47310)
  • Professional groceries from Métro at Tarbes (65000)
  • Wine in jug "Côtes de Gascogne" from the cave de l'évêché at Mirande (32300)
  • Bread and viennese pastries from Mendes Nouven at Mirande (32300)
  • And various things in the town of MIRANDE

The label Tables du Gers It comprises a network of restaurants who share the same culinar values and work hand in hand with producers of Gers. Together they engage in a quality, local, and responsible:

  • Home cook seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Select locally products and prefer short circuits
  • Inform on the products origin
Tables du Gers