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Palanne castel's golf

golf Offering a splendid view on Pyrénées, the 18-hole course is at an international level.
Throughout 6300 meters, it is beautifully undulating and decorated by many water plans.
It will satisfy just as the top players that less experienced players.
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Hippodrome of Beaumont de Lomagne

lomagne The Society of Beaumont Lomagne Racing was founded in 1875 by the Baron Alphonse de Ruble Gimat.
The hippodrome was at the start in the place called "La Riverette", then in 1925 he took place at Bordevieille where he never moved.
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Green in the air

Green in the air As part of a magnificent forest of 150 ha, you will discover a ropes course, an acrobranche course and other activities such as hiking (a path of 50 km), the horse or pony walks, the outdoor week-ends.
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The camel house

camel A wildlife park with many interesting interactive activities for children and parents in a unique environment: perfect for a picnic in the shade. Camels, llamas, alpacas and many other beautiful animals welcome you to spend an amazing and unforgettable day.
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African Safari zoo of Plaisance du Touch

zoo In a large shady park, admire animals from around the world.
Driving your vehicle, discover African wildlife in the wild.
Animal Farm has been specially created to allow your children to tie a real contact with the animal world.
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Baptism in balloon

balloon Lifelong dream or need to escape, baptism balloon is a magical experience, unforgettable and very friendly. A team of enthusiasts will share you the different stages of ballooning, from inflating to folding and you will share your feelings about the traditional toast of balloonists. The balloon ride takes about 3 hours including one hour minimum flight.
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Lavardens castel

lavardens In the heart of Gascony, a majestic, magical, Lavardens!
From feudal origin, military capital of the Counts of Armagnac, in 1496 the medieval fortress was dismantled by order of Charles VIII during the siege of Lavardens.
The families of Albret then of Navarre succeed the counts of Armagnac. Antoine de Roquelaure inherits Lavardens from 1585.
In 1752 Mirabeau acquires the castle but he leaves Gascony 10 years later.
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Cruise on Baïse

croisiere With family or friends, enjoy motor boats without license - (2 to 6 people).
Simple to use, they allow you to discover the river at your own pace.
Then take pleasure to cross the locks, admiring the flora and fauna as the kingfishers, herons Heathers and other animals that accompany you throughout your walk.
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Cassaigne's castel

cassaigne Built in 1247 by Montassin de Goalard, abbot of Condom, the castle of Cassaigne later became the residence of the bishops of Condom.
The calm and serenity that reign in the park are conducive to linger. Your walk will lead you to the enclosure of the deer, whose presence is always appreciated by young and old.
You can also visit the dedicated cellar aging "aqua ardens" fiery water that made the reputation of Gascony: the incomparable Armagnac.
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Coursiana's gardens

coursiana It is on one of the Gers road to St Jacques de Compostela, extend the 6 hectares of gardens Coursiana, facing the collegiate church of La Romieu that appears here in full size view.
Created in 1974 by Gilbert Cours-Darne, a prominent botanist who received the 1995 Olivier de Serres prices (the highest award of the Academy of Agriculture), the Gardens Coursiana up, near the picturesque village of Romieu a plant grouping of beauty.
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Jazz in Marciac

marciac During the two first week of august, come enjoying many free concerts instead of the town hall with many orchestras representative of all shades of jazz, from traditional to contemporary.
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The country music festival in Mirande

Country music festivalThe country music festival in Mirande is back !
In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, attend numerous concerts and discover a site dedicated to the bikers, trikers, motorcyclists and passionate with beautiful mechanics.
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Tempo Latino at Vic Fezensac

vic From 1993, each year this event gather thousands of people adept of Afro-Cuban and Latin music. Discover many artists and bands in concert.
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Cistercian abbey Flaran

flaran Founded in 1151 in the valley of the Baïse, Flaran Abbey is built in purest Cistercian style. These are Burgundian monks who built in Gascogne this jewel of Christ compagnonic and art, one of the best preserved in France. This architectural ensemble is now one of the finest monuments of Gers, yet very rich in this area. It includes:
- The Romanesque church;
- The cloister, a Romanesque gallery (XIVth century);
- The vaulted chapter house of warheads;
- On the floor, the cellular dormitory of the monks and the abbey home (XVIIIth century);
- The Garden of aromatic and medicinal plants.
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Bassoues dungeon

bassoues The first thing that strikes you when you enter for the first time in Bassoues, it is obviously its keep 43 meters completed in 1371 and beautifully preserved.
This magnificent example of military architecture is the work of the archbishop and cardinal Arnaud Aubert.
This tower which flanked and protected the castle was also called "mass" or "Tower of Bach" (tower of bottom), because of its importance.
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Ecomuseum of Gascony peasant

ecomusee Visit the world of peasants and rural artisans of the early twentieth century.
You can see costumes, tools as well as the time remarkably restored habitat.
Since 2001 the museum of Gascon peasant has become an essential step on the road of transhumance.
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The tower of Termes d'Armagnac

termes The Termes Tower, historical monument, is the only remaining vestige of the castle Thibault de Termes, companion of Joan of Arc.
Located in the municipality of Terms of Armagnac, this dungeon of 36 meters offers a magnificent view over the valley of the Adour and the Pyrenees.
Travel through history and traditions! The rooms of the tower present historical reenactments with sound with comments. You can also watch a slideshow as well as many medieval activities all summer.
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Powder blue of Lectoure

pastel From 1994, Powder blue of Lectoure is developing a project for redeveloping the Pastel (Isatis tinctoria)
- The cultivation of pastel,
- The extraction and production of pure pigment, the use of Fine Arts, decoration and textile industry
- The manufacture of various product lines ennobled by this pigment: Decorative painting and fine arts, clothing, linens, fashion accessories, decoration articles, natural cosmetics, books, etc.
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The naive art museum

musee art naif Located on the grounds of Ensoulès castle in buildings of the sixteenth century, the Museum of Naive Art invites you to discover over 520 original and unique works of naive and marginal artists from around the world exhibited on 1000 m2.
At the heart of Gascony, in the northern department of Gers between Condom and Fleurance, the Museum of Béraut's Naive Art offers magnificent views of the Pyrenees.
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Jacobins museum at Auch

jacobins Created in december 16, 1793, the Museum of the Jacobins among the oldest museums in France. Today in the former Convent of the Jacobins, it presents a wide variety of collections grouped into five main sections:
- Gallo-Roman and Egyptian archeology,
- Art of the Middle Ages,
- America: Pre-Columbian art (second public collection in France) and Latin American sacred art,
- Art and Southwest artists,
- Art and popular traditions of Gascony.
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The machines of the Middle Ages of Larressingle

larressingle Discover a medieval camp with activities for children and large that introduce you to the techniques of the art of siege warfare.
Reconstitution and demonstration of shooting siege engines. Are presented to the public the jet machines and gunpowder artillery.
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Historical reconstitution in Miélan

mielan The combination of Cultural Activities Historical Miélan and its surroundings offers to go back in time to discover the First Napoleonian Empire. A native of Miélan, Pierre Léglise, Empire Baron and Marshal Camp is the main argument and the symbol of this pageant, loyal, always grand and festive.
Open to amateurs of history as lovers reconstructions, or just curious about how people lived in the early nineteenth century, this unusual festival is free and widely opened.
The Napoleonic soldiers lavishly costumed, alongside of Staff Marshal Lannes and the musicians of the Imperial Guard of Waterloo charm you, whether in church, on the battlefield or in the streets of the country house.
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Cellars of Saint Mont and Condom

chais Who better than the winemaker can make you discover its wines?
Come out to meet him, he will reveal his secrets.
A true ambassador of its soil, it will direct you in discovering the richess of Gascony.
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Monluc castel

monluc The guided tour to discover the historical past of the castle, rich in all ages, built in the sixteenth century by Blaise Monluc, Marshal of France and illustrious captain of the Italian wars, and remodeled in the later periods.
It is now the headquarters of the largest winery that produces the famous POUSSE-RAPIERE cocktail. Production and breeding of local wines, sparkling wines, liquors and Armagnac are detailed during the visit of underground cellars and the old press.
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The Patte d'Oie farm

ferme Visit free traditional family farm Gers Saint Michel, quoted and referenced in many tourist guides.
Their foie gras were several times medal at the Agricultural General Competition in Paris.
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